Robo Bread

Transforming Sandwich Cutter & Stamp


The CuteZCute Robo Bread – the first sandwich cutters that fold and “transforms” into robot blocks. Transforming robot sandwich cutter… Engineering a better lunch!


Versatile and Fun Bento Kitchen Tool – Sandwich Cutter, Bread Stamp, Rice Mold, and more!


Robo Bread Bento Sandwich Cutter - Robot

4-piece set

13 fun robotic shapes included.
With Multiple Cutter & Stamper shapes, Mix, Match & Creative endless combinations


Robot Bento Food Pick

Robot Food Pick

Use this tool to help remove small cut-outs from the cutters (or)
as a bento pick to decorate your bento lunch box.


Transforming Robot Sandwich Cutter


The cutter panels fold and “transform” from robots to stamping cutters before your eyes.


Robo Bread Bento Sandwich Cutter - Robot Smooth Surface

Shiny Glossy Finish

Easy to clean with shiny glossy finish
Attractive & Gorgeous finish


Robo Bread Bento Sandwich Cutter - Robot - easy to store

Space Saving

For storage, the cutter panels fold and “transform” into blocks to fit inside the body and head cutter!


Robot Sandwich Cutter

Innovative Design

Each panel was designed to give the best access
for cutting and stamping.


CuteZCute Robo Bread

is a fun and versatile set for decorating food. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this set is a great addition to any tool collection to make cute food quickly and easily.

Make and decorate sandwiches, mix-n-match cookies, mini pies, rice nigiri, and egg sheets! Cut and decorate brownies and cornbread, robot “fruit salad” on a plate, fondant and gumpaste cake decorations, and so much more!

ONE body and head cutter, EIGHT folding panels with cutter and stamp shapes. ONE Robot pick. Mix, Match, Create endless combinations. Cut. Easy. Cute.


With each 4-piece set you get:

1 Head & Body Cutter

♥  Cut two pieces at once. Either shape can be used as head or body. Use to cut almost any food, including sandwich, bread, sliced cheeses, pancakes, thinly sliced fruit, cookie and pie dough, fondant or gum paste, and so much more!

11-shaped cutter and stamp panels

Two sets of four cutter and stamp panels. 11 shapes included.  Each cutter and stamp panels fold and “transform” into blocks to fit inside the body and head cutter. Use these to cut facial features out of your cut face shape, or cut robot tool features to add on, or use the stamp side to imprint the heartbeat, weld stud, and more.

 Cutter’s Shapes include smiley face, robotic face, letter R, wrench, bolt, gear, small circle, leg/robot antenna (cut in the middle to separate leg and antenna)

 Stamper’s Shapes include heartbeat, weld stud, and dash (for eyebrow, body features, and more)

For stamping,  imprint on anything pliable enough, like pie or cookie dough, melon, eggs, and soft fresh bread (This function does NOT work well on drier or crumbly breads. )


1 Food Pick

♥  Use this tool to help remove small cut-outs from the cutters. And when you’re done making lunch, you can use it as a decorative accent and use it as a fun robot food pick!


  • To have a clean cutout, while pressing down, rotate cutter left and right, wiggling until bread is completely cut.
  • Cutting function works with most bread style. Firmer breads like seed or gluten-free breads are not ideal for stamping function.



Robo Bread Sandwich Cutter Detail

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For a fun party idea,

cut bodies and heads from a large undecorated sheet cake and let the guests build their own robots with frosting, fondant shapes, cut fruit shapes, and more!

Robot Theme Fun-Food - Party Idea
Bento Kids School Lunch - Robot

Be Creative!

Small cutouts can be rearranged to create many fun shapes. Mix, Match & Create endless combinations

CuteZCute Robo Bread Sandwich Cutter

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