How to Shape Hard-Boiled Eggs for picky eaters

Hard-boiled or hard-cooked eggs are a good source of Protein, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus. Here is how you can make a perfect hard-boiled egg and shape it to fun animal shapes.

What you need:

1. Egg (size L to XL) (about 50-53g)
2. Pot with lid
3. Bowl
4. CuteZCute Animal Palz Mini Sandwich and Egg Press


First, let’s make perfect hard-boiled egg

1. Fill your pot with cold or room temperature water.
2. Put eggs in the pot. Water should be enough to cover the entire eggs by 1-2 inches
3. Boil water. (do not boil water before you put eggs in)
4. After water is rolling boiled. Cover the pot with lid. Turn off the stove and let it stand for 12 minutes. (you can set the timer)
5. Transfer the eggs in a bowl of cold water.

Check out Easy Video Tutorial here
How to make fun shaped hard-boiled eggs

cutezcute animal palz mini sandwich press and egg mold

Now, let’s make it fun! – Mold egg into Animal shapes

1. While the egg is still hot, crack and peel the egg. Be careful as the egg may be still too hot for your hand. (Tip: If it is too hot, peel the egg under running water from the tap)
2. Place CuteZCute Animal Palz Mini Sandwich and Egg Press “base” in “sealer” to create container to shape the egg.
3. Gently place the peeled hard-boiled egg with wider end of egg facing animal head. If needed, use your finger to gently press on the edges of the egg to snuggly fit the egg into the container.
4. Place animal face (panda, lamb, bat, or monkey) over the egg in the container
5. Slide container with press into “cutter” to lock.
6. Place egg mold from #5 into a bowl of ice cold water or in refrigerator. Wait for 10-15 minutes and remove the egg.


For Extra Fun

Use small sliced vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers to add ears for the animal shaped egg, make it more fun, pop up and create personality of hard-boiled egg.