Don’t know what to do with leftover bread from your fun lunch?… here are some idea. (More idea will be updated gradually)

1. French Toast Casserole

You can save your leftover bread, put in the ziplock bag and keep it frozen to make yummy French Toast Casserole later, check out Mamabelly for easy recipe.


2. Egg in the Hole

Fill the hole when you cut out your bread with this yummy egg-in-the-hole.

Bento Scrap idea - Egg in the hole

Bento Scrap idea – Egg in the hole


3. Homemade breadcrumbs

Slices of stale bread, bread trimmings and/or bread crusts are perfect ingredient for making homemade breadcrumbs. Check out recipe by Bento Monsters

Leftover Bread makes Homemade breadcrumbs by BentoMonsters – Homemade Breadcrumbs recipe