Yummy Nutella Pie #CuteZcute

Let’s make yummy Nutella Pie for breakfast!!

This post is inspired by Beth at Hungry Happenings where you can find the full recipe and many more fun dessert idea.  Basically I use Pillsbury pie crust from refrigerated section, can be found at normal grocery stores and follow the instruction on the package. My little tip is I don’t like thick pie. I like more Nutella on my pie (^_^), so I roll the pie dough to be thinner. Spread Nutella on the pie dough and bake in the oven for 8 minutes. (Depending on how thick you pie dough is, the cooking time may vary.) That’s it, very simple and yummieee!

For Angry Panda, I use the small cut outs from Panda eyes and place it as eye brown and mustache.

Yummy Panda Nutella Pastry


Nutella Pie Recipe, celebrating World Nutella Day (Feb 5)

Nutella Pie Recipe, celebrating World Nutella Day (Feb 5)

Tool we used:
CuteZcute All-in-One Bento Cutter and Stamp Kit
Panda, Frog, Cat, and Pig


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