You will need:

1. A slice of cheese
2. CuteZcute Cutter (Frog Shape)
3. CuteZcute Assistant Pick

Now let’s make frog shaped cheese
Step 1. Place the CuteZcute cutter (frame) on the cheese and push down to cut
Step 2. Place the Frog shaped face cutter inside the frame and push down to cut
Step 3. While pushing down the Frog shaped face cutter, pull up the frame cutter. Then take out the face cutter.

DONE! Easy, isn’t it?


TipUse the CuteZcute assistant food pick to help release cheese out of the cutter (if needed)




Here are some Frog Bento Lunch Sandwich with strawberry, grape, dried cranberry, broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet flower-shaped yellow pepper.

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Tool we used:
CuteZcute All-in-One Bento Cutter and Stamp Kit
Panda, Frog, Cat, and Pig


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