Halloween is coming. It’s time to find that perfect costume and get as many tricks or treats as you can. We wish everybody a safe and happy halloween.

Here are some fun halloween themed bento lunches that you’ll sure be frighten up. (^_^)

Above is Panda pocket sandwich with yummy filling, served with broccoli orange salad and strawberry. (see below how to make pocket sandwich)

This cemetery themed bento lunch includes Nutella cat sandwich, caskets cheese sandwich. We use the crust of the bread for the cross and use food pick to stick the sandwich together. Served with corn, pepper pork Asian fusion salad, and jack o lantern witch made from an apple, in Nutella mud.

How to make Animal Pocket Sandwich:
1. Using two pieces of bread of your choice and use CuteZcute Food Deco Kit to cut out (or stamp) the cute animal face on a piece of bread.
2. Place the second piece of bread in the base (black part) of the pocket sandwich mold and pre-cut in the shape of outer animal head.
3. Insert an appropriate amount of your favorite filling in the middle of the bread, for example, peanut butter, strawberry jam, mayo tuna, cheese, ham, turkey.
4. Place the first piece of bread (the pre-cutout or pre-stamp one) on top of the second piece of bread.
5. Press down firmly.


This halloween, don’t forget to try making super adorable frog, panda, cat, pig cookies for tricks and treats. All your little goblins, princesses and superheroes will thank you for them. Fun & Yum


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Tool we used:

CuteZcute All-in-One Bento Cutter and Stamp Kit
Panda, Frog, Cat, and Pig

Pocket Panda Sandwich Stamp

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