Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Bento Lunch in #Goodbyn

March 2, 2013 is Dr. Seuss’ 109th Birthday. So I made this easy Cat in the Hat using our CuteZcute Cat cutter and my new food container “Goodbyn”. In our Pinterest Board, I found this easy but so cute idea from Chaos and Confections blog. The cat is Cheese. The hat is tomato and Jack cheese, cut by knife. Serve on top of healthy veggie wrap. It is wrapped by Tortilla (I love Tortilla Land), filled with an assortment of avocado, corn, chilies, cheese, tomatoes and baked beans. Strawberry represents Thing 1 Thing 2. Serve with Salad.

CuteZcute cutter will be back available on Amazon on Monday , March 4, 2013. Yaaaaay~!!! Thank you everyone for your patience.

Link to many more Dr Seuss Fun Food and Snack



Bento Lunch

Tool we used:
CuteZcute All-in-One Bento Cutter and Stamp Kit
Panda, Frog, Cat, and Pig


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