October the 4th is the World Animal Day. To celebrate, we make Octopus easy afternoon snack using the CuteZcute cutter. (pig face mold)

How to make Octopus shaped bread

1. Use CuteZcute Cutter and Stamp Kit  (the outer Animal frame shape) to cut the main body of octopus
2. Use the Pig face cutter to cut out the nose part for octopus tentacles. (cut 4 pieces)
3. Use the crust of the bread (to get darker tone) and place into the small circles of the tentacles to use as octopus’s suctions.
4. Flip the frame of the animal head up side down and stamp Pig face on bread to get a guideline for octopus’s eyes and mouth
5. Cut pepper (we use yellow pepper and olives) for the mouth, and candy eye ball for eyes (replaced with sweet pea or other favorite circle veggie)

Ingredients Used

Octopus shaped bread with yellow pepper, olives, vegetable curry puff (the octopus hat) sweet green peas, boiled shrimp, tomato, spinach, and colored gold fish cracker.  (picture above)

Octopus bread with yellow pepper, sweet pea eyes, cheese bow (how to make bow shape cheese here), served with chicken wing, tomato, and broccoli salad. (picture below)

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CuteZcute All-in-One Bento Cutter and Stamp Kit

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